Simple background:  I needed a place to let out all my ideas for wy wedding.  I know the same people will tire of me talking about the wedding…especially my fiance.  So I have discovered my outlet and this is it! 

A bit about me:  I grew up on a farm and never shyed away from hard work…it keeps me out of trouble.  I currently have 3 jobs.  I work as a full time office manager for a farm nutrition company, I am a bartender, and I am getting my landscape design business off the ground.  I am a true Wisconsin girl who loves beer and whiskey.  (Oh well)  I am honest to the point that people do not talk to me sometimes because they don’t like what they hear.  I am overly sarcastic, so look out for that in my posts!  I just bought a house last year with my fiance and I love my beagle dog, Pat.  I have 1 younger sister.  My loves include music, dogs, Disney, outdoors, creativeness, and antiques.  Not loves-pink (can’t stand the color, but I think the singer is pretty cool.), drama, disorganization, wasting money.   That is basiclly what people ask when they first meet me, so there you have it!  Anything else, just ask.  I am pretty friendly!