Sorry for the complete lack of blog posts this past few months. It has been a hectic time with the wedding, house repairs, family stuff and planning. I promise to take some time very soon to update everyone on wedding happening and all the cool stuff I found. We are a little more than 2 months from the big day and things are falling into place pretty easily. I hope the next 2 months goes as smooth as things have gone so far. Some things, I am going to have to keep a secret until after the wedding. We are getting responses in the mail (getting the mail is so fun now!) everyday and I want some parts of the wedding to be a surprise for our guests. We are working on our songs and the menus now, which are fun, non-expensive things to do! Non-expensive being the key word here. But I’ll feel a lot better once the decisions are made! I’ve had some pretty freaky nightmares that would make the horror film industry look like preschool cartoons. But with every check I put on my to do list, it gets better! 

Until later