So, I have a confession. I have 3 pairs of shoes for my wedding day…and I’m not even a shoe-aholic!  I might buy 1 pair of shoes a year, and those are usually sandles/flip-flops because I wore out my old pair the summer before. (I had one pair that I wore a hole through the bottom before I ditched ’em)  My sneakers/running shoes literally get holes in and may ge to the point of duct tape (and get demoted to yard work) before I will buy new ones.  I first set foot in a DSW about 3 weeks ago, and that was because my future mother-in-law insisted I needed my gym shoes were looking really sad.  If it’s a possibility, I won’t wear socks or shoes most of the summer.  I happily work in the garden in bare feet.  I spend most of the winter running around our house in bare feet because my freezing feet will always trump wearing socks (then Mr. Kuz gets mad because I put my cold feet on him-sorry!).  You get the idea…

It started with my fancy heels that reminded Mr. Kuz of the Wizard of Oz.  I wanted something colorful and fancy for my walk down the aisle.  My mom disagreed with this one, but I do love these and all the pain that come with them.I have worn them around to get broken in and even wore them to an inside Christmas party to make sure the high heel was even do-able for me. 

I love those shoes!  But I realized I better have a comfy back up pair, just in case (screw that, I know!) my feet get sore.  Since we are going with a rustic theme, I decided to jump on the cowboy boot bandwagon.  I also fortified my decision that I needed new boots by the fact that my old ones had sprung a leak  (which they had).  So I bopped around Zappos (again) and found these.

I’ve gotten a lot of use from these already, but I have found out that after a few hours my toes start to hurt.  I’m pretty sure my solution is to wear them more and stretch them out, but considering I will be on my feet almost all day, except for some time riding in a car and hopefully eating my dinner, I don’t even want the possibility of sore feet keeping me from the dance floor or from making the rounds and greeting our guests.  Plus, I do not want to be an invalid the next day with swollen feet.

So, for my last purchase I went with my standard sandle – the 4″ platform flip- flops – because I realized my dress alterations won’t work so well with my boots.  My sparkly heels are 4″…my boots are not.  There will be a point during the night that I won’t care anymore, but for the sake of trying to preserve the hem of my dress, I will use these as my back up’s back up. 

I got the black pair.

I also came up with another excuse…if it’s cold or rainy, I can wear the boots.  If it’s nice, the flip-flops.  And don’t think I will be wearing plain black flip-flops.  I am going to spruce those up a bit with the crap load of craft stuff that keeps accumulating in the spare room. 

The nice thing is, I will get more use out of these, especially the flip-flops.  I put them on when they arrived, and they are so frickin’ comfy, I want to start wearing them now, and may even find an excuse to wear them to a bridal shower.  I’m not even kidding a little.  How many of those crazy brides who buy $500 shoes can say that? I’m betting not many. 

Ok…so who out there is shoe crazy, or in my case, has a phobia of buying new shoes?