Music is a HUGE part of my life…ask anyone I know, or my whole family who sat through waaay too many concerts to begin to count. If it was musical, I was into it. I played piano for a while and still dabble with it if I see a ungaurded piano. I played the bassoon for a bit (not much success in that one). I have played with violins, but nothing special. Throughout high school and Junior college I was always in some type of chorus/jazz choir/music group. Once into college, I decided I wanted to play guitar, so I went online and bought the cheapest one I could to see if I could even coordinate myself on that one. It worked! I love playing guitar, but I am by no means good at it…I play basic rhythm guitar with simple chords…no Free Bird for this chick. I am a music geek…I love everything from classical, broadway, county, classic rock, oldies, musicals, Disney is one of my favorites, some very obscure stuff that just hits me sometimes. The only type I’m really not fond of is speed metal or the screaming stuff, but even that has made its way into my ear drums on occasion…usually when I really need to work off some frustration at the gym.

Up until now, I had no idea what we were going to do for music with our ceremony (shame on me).  I had kind of book-marked songs I liked as a possibility, but nothing had ever jumped out at me.  But, one song has always jumped out at me, ever since I was a little kid.  Now I know it’s way over done as shown in this hilarious video.  Seriously, if you need a laugh, watch this!

(you may commence rolling on the floor laughing…) I still love this song, and even more when I found this version of it. It took awhile, but I think I have found the song I will walk down the aisle to. Of course, I want to ask my Dad’s opinion, since he’s a big part of that walk too. Here’s a sample of the version I love.

Now I know there are plenty of other songs out there that were a possibility. I know I will use this song somewhere, but I’m not sure yet. She’s my favorite!

I really can’t decide on the others. As with all of my wedding conundrums, I will ask Mr. Kuz and he will almost always have an opinion. The thing I’m really excited about it that we will have a live acoustic guitarist at our ceremony. A downside to knowing a butt-load of people is that our guest list is now up to 511. The up side of knowing a butt-load of people is that there’s an amazing talent pool to fish from. (haha…bad joke) We happen to know someone willing to play acoustic guitar at our ceremony, he’s an awesome player, and to put a big cherry on top, he said he would be honored to do this free (my favorite four-letter F word). He may have added that paying him in free beer and cocktails was an acceptable form of payment, but I thought that was a given.

We are meeting with him this weekend to go over some possibilities, and I know he will have some ideas to throw into the mix from his current playlist, and from there we can brainstorm! SOOO Excited for music, playing guitar, getting more to-do’s checked off, well basically for the whole damn thing! YAY!