Now that we have gotten the ladies dressed and myself, it was time to think about what the guys were going to wear down the aisle.

As Mr. Kuz and I started discussing the possibilities, I found that he had a whole idea worked out in his head already!  I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point, because of all the other things he has spouted out so far, but I guess I’ll never learn.  He did ask me a some point what the girls were wearing, so he did try to coordinate something!

Now as we were thinking things through, we had some similar ideas (like color), but then some not so similar thoughts (like what clothes should be worn). 

My idea was to go with a classic, but somewhat antique feel…kind of like the old west.  Keeping with our low-budget theme, I wanted the guys to wear black suits, with long sleeve ivory shirts and just full vests, no jackets.  I think this picture inspired me the most.

Image from

I love how relaxed the men look and the chick there in the black dress justified my decision on the ladies dresses.  It looks formal enough, but not like the men are being restrained.  Another reason for the vests?  My favorite celebrity man!

Blake Shelton! Image courtesy of here.

You know how couples agree that they each have that one celebrity, that if said celebrity came calling, all bets are off?  Yeah, that’s mine. (Mr. Kuz knows it too.)  Anyway, I love that look.  And since Mr. Kuz will be wearing his boots, why not look a little bit country?  Because, let’s face it, we are a more than a little bit country. 

I’ve always had something for the rolled-up sleeve look for some reason and I could almost see him wearing black jeans.  He wore his jeans to my college formal, with a western cut jacket and a white shirt. (sorry, I have no idea where we have pictures of that).  I thought he never looked better.  Mr. Kuz feels that our wedding needs to be a spit and polished look, so no jeans.  He also said nay to my vest idea. 

Mr. Kuz’s idea was for the guys to wear jackets over short sleeves and no vests.  He consented that if I really wanted vests, that they could be the backless type.  Ummm, no.   Every time I think of the usual vests used for weddings, this scene from The Proposal pops into my head. 

Screen shot from YouTube

 Plus, those vests always reminded me of bibs. (Am I crazy?)  So, we nixed the whole vest idea altogether. 

 I did have a problem with short sleeves, too.  He was dead set on that idea.  He began a whole search on every shirt site known to the world-wide web, even uniform company sites.  You know what he found?  Nothing, Zilch, Nada.  Apparently, in guy land, they don’t make an ivory, non-pocketed, short sleeve shirt.  Yay! (for me).  (And if anybody has a resource for these, please don’t share it with me so I can continue to claim ignorance.)  Also, we both loved the idea of gifting the guys custom cuff links to wear on that day, and cuff links are a no-go on short sleeves.

Our other conundrum were the ties.  He didn’t care what color the ties would be, so I stared to search for our primary color, copper.  They don’t make a lot of that one either.  Black ties it was!  Plus I scored them for $2.33 per tie on  Mr. Kuz wanted to go for the skinny tie look, and I was more than happy to comply at this point.  It was getting harder to dress the guys than the girls! 

I was finally settled.  Black pants with jackets, long sleeve ivory shirts, black ties.  Mr. Kuz told the guys they were free on the shoes, as long as they were black.  Now that I picture it, I think I might try to incorporate some color into their wardrobe…any ideas?