My next dress shopping experience is where all brides go at some point in the quest for a dress; David’s Bridal.  I knew I would try this eventually just because I knew they would have things in my size, plus there was one only 40 minutes from my house. 

 I met MOH ‘Lil T there and immediately walk into a circus.  We went there on a Sunday, thinking it would be less busy than a Saturday…WRONG!  I also made the mistake of forgetting it was prom season coming up.  It never entered my cranium that girls would go there for prom dresses.  When I hear “bridal”, I think wedding dress.  Anywho, there were about 6 girls trying on dresses with their moms.  I think there were only 6 dressing rooms, but I had an appointment, so I guess one was reserved for me.  I met my consultant, who was very nice.  I had gone online and picked some dresses out that I wanted to try on.  She immediately informed me that about half of those weren’t at this store.  FAIL!  Oh well, it was just shopping around anyway.

I picked out a couple of dresses to replace the ones they didn’t have in stock.  The consultant asked me to describe my wedding, and I told her it was more antique and rustic with a little bit of glam.  I told her I wanted lace, not a lot of poof, a sweetheart neckline and light fabric.  She ran with it and came back with a few which she proceeded to stuff into the tiny dressing room.  Since I had ‘Lil T with, she left me in the room with neither one of us having no clue how to get into these dresses.  Plus, the night before I had smashed my finger in a door, so I didn’t really have the use of my right hand.    After a few trial and errors of turning and loosing ourselves in taffeta, we got it figured out.  I came out in the first dress and wasn’t really that impressed.  Not really with the dress, but with me in the dress.

  I was beautiful, but the halter itched and it showed way too much of the chest nuts.  I loved the bottom of it.  I moved around in the dress because I really wanted to love it.  It was exactly what I had in mind, but I knew better than to lie to myself and try to make something work.  As I was moving around, the manager came over with my consultant and introduced herself.  Not sure why…trying the old schmooze ’em routine I guess.

Anyway I stuffed myself and my sister back into the dressing room and went for the next try.  It was after this that my consultant seemed to disappear for about 20 minutes at a time.  I loved that she wasn’t hovering, but there were dresses I had questions about and it was kind of aggravating not being able to get answers to those questions.  (There needs to be a happy medium here of not annoying, but available.)  Here are a few more of the rejects.

All of these I found one thing wrong or another…too poofy, not enough lace, looks like a prom dress, makes me look like I have holster hips…you know the usual nit-pickyness I have and my crazy head demanding perfection.   I was looking for something a little more sophisticated.  I will be 28 by the time we are married and I can’t see myself wearing a poofy wedding gown that makes me look like I am playing dress up.  Then the consultant (who magically reappeared) brought me a more fitted one.

This one I loved to the point I wasn’t taking it off.  For at least a half hour, I walked around David’s Bridal telling myself I need to really love it and make sure I’m comfortable.  I loved how the bottom moved and the sparkles and the lightweight and the neckline and the train and the belt and I could go on forever!  But (and this is a BIG but), it was slightly out of my budget.  The consultant came over and slapped the obligatory veil on my head…I don’t know, to make me love it more and pull out the plastic?  There was a sale going on (DB always has a sale going on), but I wanted other opinions.  Mainly, my mom’s.  So I got out of the dress while T sent some pics to my mom of this dress plus one of the others I had only liked.  Several hours later mom called me and asked “Which one do you like…I hope it’s not the more fitted one?”  My stomach just dropped.  Now I don’t have a thin body…I am curvy, but I never thought I was way over average.  Because of the fact that they had this dress in my size to try on was helpful and I thought I looked pretty good it in.  I knew I would lose weight by the wedding, but it was just more toning up that I wanted to do.  Mom didn’t think I could wear this style.  Nothing against Mom’s opinion, but her fashion and mine are not near the same.  We aren’t even in the same time zone.  Mom is much more old-fashioned and conservative while I like to mix in some trendy and have things a little more fitted. 

So, I said no to this dress.  I still had a looong time until my wedding and plenty of time to shop around.  This was only the 8th dress I’d tried on.  Maybe there was something else out there…stay tuned!