Disclaimer-I have had my dress for over 6 months now…sorry it took me so long to write about it!

I’ll admit that I was kind of excited for dress shopping.  I rarely get to dress up.  Maybe once a year I wear a dress.  Twice a year possibly a skirt.  I have no reason to dress up.  I do love my jeans and t-shirt/sweatshirt “uniform” I get to wear daily to the very relaxed office. 

I started dress shopping about 2 months after being engaged.  Since we were having a 21 month engagement, it seemed early, but I wanted to get a jump on as many things as I could.   I was on a trip back home (my parents live 5 hours away) and since we had a few spare hours, I suggested to my mom that we try on dresses in the only bridal shop in town.  Fond du Lac isn’t that small of town, but it might need to catch up with the times.  I did not expect to find anything anyways.  This was (to me) an experience for my mom.  I am her first-born and she is pretty damn excited about the wedding.  Mom also wanted to look for her dress and my sister was along, too, so we could start thinking about bridesmaid dresses. 

I made an appointment and we went into Edith’s of Fond du Lac.  Now I am pretty sure my mom bought her wedding dress there.  They have been in business forever in an old building.  Imagine my surprise when I found out after going on their website they have a lot of high-end designers!

Edith's of Fond du Lac, WI
Edith's of Fond Du Lac

 They led me upstairs and told me to start picking out a few dresses to try on.  I also handed them a list from their website I wanted to try on, but they didn’t have a few of them in stock.  I kind of knew what I wanted in a dress, but I soon learned that I cannot wear any of the silhouettes I loved.  Iwas looking at non-poofy v-neck with lace.  I also wanted some type of strap.

The consultant was awesome.  Nothing was ever forced on me and I was never told I couldn’t wear anything.  I think she figured out it was my first time trying on dresses and was endlessly patient with me.  I did find a couples dream dresses that I kept in mind, but I had to toss those out the window after I made my budget.  I think after we got it narrowed down to 3, she happily put me in each one two more times!  I never saw an eye roll or heard an exasperated sigh. 

But, honestly, I can’t remember which dresses I tried on.  Plus they didn’t allow pictures and all the tags were torn out.  All I remember was I hated how I looked in almost all of them.  This store really didn’t have many dresses for a street size 14 to try on.  I can see having a few size 8’s and seeing how it might look, but almost all of the dresses I wanted to try on were in the model size 2 range.  I don’t care how much vaseline and pig grease you have, there was no way I could have fit into those dresses.   First dressing fitting, FAIL!

I did learn a few lessons on this trip though:

1) Bridal shops do not make you feel pretty when you can’t fit into anything.

2)Designer dresses are EXPENSIVE!  (But, I will learn, worth it.)   Most websites only give you a price range.  Note:  The dress is usually higher up in that given range.

There are no pictures of me in any of these dresses and I have filed this experience way in the back of my mind.