So as I was cruising wedding porn (the updates from sites sent to my inbox) the other day, I got a few “tips” for engaged couples.  Now we have been engaged for over a year.  I’m not sure I need any tips on being engaged.  Tips on actually doing things and setting up a timeline, yes, but engaged, no thanks. 

One of the tips was “dedicate a wedding free night.  Talk about the dog, weather, whatever”.  HA!  Now I know things are going to be getting more hectic in the months to come, but honestly, I don’t want to talk about the wedding 6 days a week.  The more I look at it, timing should be the other way around.  I declare a new set of “tips”.

1)  Declare 1 night a week wedding night.  This is when you go over ideas, ask questions and decide on things together as a couple. 

2) Keep remembering this is our wedding.  Don’t be selfish…if you are, see #4 

3) Men have opinions.  Even if he won’t say his opinion unless asked, always remember he does have an opinion.  Bribing him with things sometimes helps…beer also helps get these opinions out of his head and through his mouth to your ears.

4) Don’t be a selfish bridezilla.  If you are being a bridezilla, don’t get offended when people call you bridezilla…or other names that shouldn’t be printed here.  (I have family who read this, plus one of my goals is to cut down on the swearing).

5) Dont’ feel like you have to do EVERYTHING together.  You’re still separate people. Besides any people who spend that much time together will go crazy and maim each other, and you don’t want Quasimodo waiting at the end of the aisle.  (just joking Quazi!)

6) For the brides…It is fun to grab everything any anything that has to do with weddings…at first.  I am pretty sure I stopped buying wedding magazines after 3 months be cause THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER!  Same with wedding websites.  Corporate crap, I say. (see also-wedding shows.  Go to one for the experience.  Not much to do after that.)

7)  This is your wedding (hopefully the only one you will ever have).  Don’t let tradition (or parents) or crazy websites, tell you what you can’t do or have.  If you have no clue what you want, try blogs or Weddingbee.  Personally I’d stay away from commercial spots like The Knot, Wedding Channel, and such…they really pissed me off most of the time.

8) My biggest tip…do things whenever and however you both want.  It’s never to early to think, so if you do go to a bridal show and there something there you want, you have researched it and it’s within your budget, for all means go for it.  Knowledge is POWER!

Your welcome in advance.

Enjoy your engagement!