I haven’t been to many weddings.  When I started planning this shindig, I did A LOT of research.  I asked browsed The Knot, I asked Mr. Kuz, I went on Weddingbee (then I figured out what a crock The Knot is)  I asked more of Mr. Kuz, did some google searches.  I finally got the ideas of what a wedding was, but a common thread on all of those websites was Don’t Have a Cash Bar!  You can’t ask people to buy stuff at a party that you are hosting.  ( BTW-I was never a big fan of those “selling parties”?  I hosted one and I said never again).  Our options were no drinks, just beer, just a signature cocktail or full bar. 

Mr. Kuz and I both come from families who enjoy their drink.  The difference is my family is all about the liquor and the Kuz family loves their beer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love beer too!  It can make a lot of thing better (or at least seem better temporarily), but whenever I feel the need to have a good drink or feel festive, the whiskey makes a strong appearance in my hand.   I never really drank beer until I met Mr. Kuz!

This being the problem, the solution is we will be having a full bar to help both our families enjoy in the festivities. 

A basic mixer bar can be set up with just a few liquors:  Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Bourbon, and Gin (yuck!)  We do not plan on having any type of booze for shots, so this will do.  Get a few sodas and juices for mixing and there’s your simple stocked bar!  Don’t forget the ice.

The next order of business are the “special drinks”.  Being from Wisconsin, my family loves a good Old Fashioned.  I am thinking about making some homemade mix from scratch before hand and using that, but it might become one of the DIY projects that doesn’t get done.  I know this needs to be there because, well, I want it there.  I can get a few treats on my wedding day, right?

Now we do have some wine drinkers too!  As part of our ceremony we are doing a the wine box commitment.  We each write a love letter and seal it in a box with bottle of wine.  On our 20th anniversary, we open the box, drink the wine, and read the letter.  It would make sense that we have wine at the ceremony.  We are making our own wine for toasting at each table.  For those not brave enough to try our home brew, we are having some good boxed wines at the bar.  Yes I put good and box wine in the same sentance.  It can be done!

One more thing I want to add it a bottle of The Knot.  I’m not talking about the website (as if they could bottle that), but a wonderful Irish whiskey.  I love the idea of  celebrating tying the knot with a bottle of The Knot. 

Now all we need to do if find a couple bartenders!