Channeling Homer Simpson there.

We were not planning on having cake.  We are not cake people.  We are not sweets people. 


We ARE ice cream people.  Our solution was just to have a small cake (that was being given to us by a friend who makes amazing cakes) just for pictures and cake cutting.  The rest we were just going to do sheet cake and maybe some pies and torts.  And don’t forget the ice cream bar.  With lots of toppings. YAY!  And then there is always the cake and ice cream route. 

We really wanted to do ice cream cake, but that might be difficult and out of our price range for 300 people.  Maybe I’ll surprise Mr. Kuz with a little one as a groom’s cake.  Don’t tell him!  (and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this blog.)

Another thing about this cake situation, it’s crazy expensive!  I just want something that tastes good (and goes with ice cream) and looks like a wedding cake.  I stumbled across some prices at a recent wedding fair, and it was in the $1200-$1500 range for a simple cake for 300 people…that’s half our food budget…are you NUTS!

 When my parents were up visiting last weekend, my dad asked the question of our cake.   He remembered the lady that used to make all the cakes for our family when I was growing up.  She makes then right out of her house, very reasonable priced, and delicious!  Dad called her, she gave a price quote of 1/4 the usual price of wedding cakes, and dad said book us.  Long story short, my dad hijacked our cake!  But hey, as long as he wants to pay for it, more power to him.  Like I said, cake was not a top priority for us.

Our only problem not is delivery.  Alice Ketter Cakes is about 5 hours from our venue.  I have heard that her cakes can be frozen and then later thawed and assembled easily…I hope someone can follow directions and but that bad boy together when we need it! 

Now I get to go and do more internet research (also known as stalking wedding websites) to look at cake ideas!!  Such a shame I “have to” do that. 😉  I thought I was going to not be able to look at cake pictures, and since I didn’t want to see something that I can’t have, I made sure not to look at them. 

Excuse me I have to go look at cakes now!