It will be epic… Only in my mind.

Just a quick post to see who out there has good suggestions on how to get pictures taken of yourself without looking:

1. Goofy

2. Stupid

3. Posed

4. Awkward

As a testament of all these things, I will not be putting any pictures of us up…if your really curious, facebook me.

And many other ways to look bad.  I am not a person who likes to have their picture taken and neither is Mr. Kuz.  We both have very awkward smiles.  I love Mr. Kuz’s real smile that comes out when he is really laughing at something.  There is also the drunk smile that is cute…but point a camera at him and tell him to smile just gets generally scary results. 

I’m no picnic either…I can never stand right so my “good areas” are showing (I dont’ have a side, but just certain areas I like), I always looks posed and stiff, and lately I either close my eyes at the flash or I smile so hard that my eyes squint shut.  This is a practice makes perfect thing.  Me and the mirror are going to be good friends until I figure this out. 

 My idea was not to take pics of our faces, but I don’t think the family would like that one too much.  My other solution would be to get slightly tipsy before our shoot to relax a bit (and this is already planned out for the wedding day…There is no way I am going down that aisle completely sober), but our shoot is scheduled for Saturday morning…not the best way to start a day. 

Any tips?