So this weekend we passed the one year away mark!  This means a whole lot of fun is to follow in the next year!  For one thing, I can start saying our wedding date without have to add 2012 on the end.

Yup- This pretty much sums it up

It really kind of hit my that only a year from now I am going to be a married woman…I may have had a small panic attack.  There’s so much we have done already, but there is still so much to do!  The good thing is most of these to do’s involve decisions, and not a whole lot of running/shopping/DIYing.  (don’t worry, there is still plenty of that left)

My biggest shocker came from Mr. Kuz.  I love that he is so involved in this wedding and that it will truly be “ours”.  I definitely hate the term “brides day”.  It is our wedding, we are marrying each other, he will absolutely be a part of it, so it is our day!  OK, enough ranting. 

Mr. Kuz has started planning the ceremony!  This is one aspect of the wedding that I was very unsure about because I haven’t been part of or attended that many weddings.  When I just casually asked about something involving the ceremony, I got a slew of ideas and what exactly he had in mind for the ceremony.  He knew who was walking who down the aisle, what he wanted to say, what we are doing for our unity ceremony, what is happening with the parents, music, length…etc.  I was blown away…and more than happy to just go with it.  This means one many less things for me think about and plan. 

I also had someone ask me the other day (a dude) why we need centerpieces?  He suggested just put a bunch of beer in the middle of the table.  While in the midst of breaking down laughing and suggesting other brands of beer that would fit our color scheme (we may have been drinking a few of those said beers…hey! I was a good weekend to be from Sconnie!  Go Brewers, Badgers and Packers!), Mr. Kuz said it was important to him…I love this guy more everyday!  I have never before heard a guy say how much centerpieces were important to him.  Granted I came up with the centerpieces, but he helped me find the parts to put them together and suggested modifications.  Cool!

Anyone have an involved groom or do a lot more brides still have to make all the decisions?