This is a post where I blatantly get to brag about my awesome wedding party…mostly my bridesmaids. 

Even though we are over a year away from the wedding, 4 of my 5 ladies have their dresses!

When I was thinking about our wedding, I knew fall was the time of year, because:

1) We have a lot of people travelling, and winter in Wisconsin doesn’t always equal the best driving conditions. 

2) Spring is way too busy for anyone even remotely working in or near a farm.  I work for a farm supply company, and we are having our reception at a working crop farm…no way Jose!

3) Summer is too hot.  As I’ve stated before, there is a reason I still live in WI.  I love cool weather. 

  But  mostly because of the beautiful natural colors and the cool, crisp air.  Mr. Kuz was in his brother’s August wedding 9 years ago and more recently in a July wedding.  It was just too hot.  I’ve seen pictures from the August wedding, and there was not a happy Mr. Kuz in many pics.  Tuxes have got to be  just as hot to wear as a 30 pound wedding dress!

In order for everyone to be comfortable, I wanted each bridesmaid to have a great dress!                       My Criteria was:

1) Comfortable – because that’s the most important…nobody’s happy if they aren’t comfortable. 

2)Reasonably priced – some of my ladies are just getting started in life (BM Lil’ T), or have a lot of responsibilities (see: MOH Big T’s kids, or BM R’s kids + job), plus this crappy economy we’re in isn’t helping too much.  Plus this whole wedding is going in on a strict budget.  I can’t justify spending over $100 on something you will never wear again.  That takes me to #3

3) See if the dress would be something you could wear again!  Which got me to thinking on #4

4) Black!  Black goes with everything.  Black can be worn again.  Black is elegant.  Black it is.  

5) But I love color, too!  And because I love color, I needs to be able to attach a sash or ribbon or a slip or something.

This is what I had in mind:

Please excuse my crude editing skills

So my ladies went with that criteria!  And did AWESOME!  MOH Big T found a tea length dress in her mother’s closet that is beautiful.  BM A is borrowing hers from a friend.  When we went shopping for my dress (more on that later)  BM R found her floor length black dress for $10…TEN FREAKIN DOLLARS!!  We can add a flower or ribbon to the back.   BM ‘Lil T already had a tea length dress that has a black sash on.  We just have to alter it a bit and put a copper sash in its place.  All that is left is BM M.  She is also the only one who doesn’t live within a half hour drive, so a long distance shopping trip is on order!

Our wedding is still over a year away and I can’t believe how on-top of things my ladies are!  I hope this means they are just excited as I am about this!  I really thought dress shopping was going to be worse than pulling teeth, but this has been one of the easiest projects so far!  Next up is finding a happy medium for dressing the dudes! oh Boy!