I really want a photo booth!

This is really my one indulgence for the wedding.  Everything else we have found at a great deal or we are doing ourselves. 

When I started doing the budget for our wedding, I knew that most of our money was going towards great food and drinks(because in good Ol Sconnie people remember weddings for the food…and drinks. I love WI!) and I wanted excellent photography.  The quantity of photographs really didn’t matter to me, but the quality and the creativeness was a must.  Since we are doing a lot ourselves, I wanted to capture all the details of the day, because I am sure it will fly by without us being able to appreciate it all.  Jamie Gellings photography is just that.  Check these out!

These candid type shots are great.  I can only imagine what they are laughing about.

This one is just gorgeous.  I love the feel of it and the artistic capture.  

I love black and whites!

This is what I really love.  This chick is everywhere!  I know we will look back on pics like this and remember a whole lot of stories just from one picture of a detail. 

Love this one.
Since we do only have one shooter and over 300 guests, I am guessing we need more photos!  I know Jamie is going to be awesome, but there is only one of her and being a bit selfish on our day, I kinda want her to myself for some time. Besides who could say they had too many pics from their wedding day? 
Sooo, enter a photo booth!  While we use Jamie’s amazing talents during our cocktail hour and on the bar hopping portion of the day (because that’s how we roll in Wisconsin!), the photo booth can be set up at the reception for people to use.  Since this is one of the last big weddings for Mr.s Kuz’s family for a while (most of his cousins are already married) and one of the first for my family (some of my cousins went the Vegas route…I don’t know what the others have planned) I really loved the idea of having pics of all our friends and family for years to come.  It’s like having a family album in a snap!  What they do is sit in the booth, take the picture, it prints out a strip of 4…they cut it in half, we get 2 in our album and they get to keep 2.  Just look what comes out!

 I love the classic look of their photo booths

These are all from a fantastic company out of the Twin Cities called Photo Booth Memory Weddings.  What a wonderful company to work with!  And it’s all-inclusive.  The best part of it all is they use the Black Diamond Chemistry developed by Ansel Adams.  This is the old school and true pictures.  You know when you look back at your grandparents pictures and they are still as perfect and crisp as the day they were taken?  That’s what these are…pictures that will last forever.  They print out automatically…no going to a website and printing them out later.  This is definitely a plus for our guests.  Not everyone is that tech savvy. 

And since Photo Booth Memories are sooo affordable (they offered 1 hour free if we fed their workers!  Gotta love that!), they are going to stick around for the entire night!  I can’t wait to see what comes out of this photo booth when the drinks start to flow.

The one problem with our indulgence is that’s exactly what it is…an unesscessary indulgence.  It cold be one of the first things to be cut if cuts need to happen.  I’ve written before about how strict our budget is since we are paying for this shindig ourselves.  Mr. Kuz loves likes this ideas, but told me that it’s only a possibility.  So now I am trying to cut costs in as much areas as possible…I’ve found alternatives for some of the centerpieces, found an awesome dress for a deal, and we scored great attire for the guys! (More on this all later.)  I’ve even been taking a few more shifts at the bartending job.  I just keep thinking a little bit adds up! There are thousands of alternatives out there that no one has thought of; well, I’m sure someone has thought of them, but brides love to think they came up with something new and original on their own after the millions of weddings that have already happened. 

I can’t wait to see what happens!  Anyone use a photo booth at their wedding?

Photos courtesy of Jamies Gellings Photography and Photo Booth Memories.