When I started planning our wedding, it was under the assumption that it will be low-budget (it still is) and we would do as much of everything ourselves as we could (we are!).  Then I actually started planning.   Now I’m calling myself silly and stupid. 

Now, I was not the person who planned their entire wedding at the age of 7 and still want that same vision.  The wedding kinda came together by itself by just using some of our own personalities.  It think that’s that best way!  If you are combining lives and committing to each other, then the party should reflect that.  For the most part, ours does! 

My only shuddering thought is the day of.  We have an exceptionally large wedding.  Right now the guest list is at 440!  I know they won’t all show up, but what if at least 300 of them did?  That’s still a big wedding.  A thought came into my head that, although I can get everything ready the night before and plan to the tiniest detail, I cannot be there the day of while I am at the church and then cruising around town with our bestest friends. 

I also don’t want to have any of the parents doing that themselves.  I was at a wedding a few years ago where the moms were constantly working…replenishing the buffet, clearing plates, cleaning up the food afterward.  I wanted the family to enjoy the day because it’s a party for them too!  After going to a few weddings in the last couple of weeks, I can see this again. 

So, Enter our Day-of-Coordinator, now referred to as DOC-Stephanie Vick of  Tailored Memories Event & Wedding Design!  Not only is she going to do our DOC, she is also going to be doing hair and make-up!  And she does airbrush make-up!  YAY.  Score for a double!  The best thing is she is a local who went to school with Mr. Kuz.  She moved to the big bad city now, but still knows the area and its people.  I think that is so important when working with vendors.  They know the local customs and what others in the area are doing, paying, changing…Yup I have complete confidence in this decision.  Mr. Kuz wasn’t too excited about it, but oh well.  He didn’t say no!

My final deciding factor in this was when reading other blogs, people either said they wished they would/should have hired a DOC.  Others say it was the best decision they made about the day (besides actually getting married that is).