I was browsing through even more wedding images (it’s a favorite pastime of mine now.) and I think I have found what I want out wedding to feel like.  Here is rustic elegance!


I LOVE  how this feels.  It’s exactly what I wanted, and most of these part have already come into play (hello shoes).  I wanted to go for an almost black tie feeling, but we are so laid back, I knew that wouldn’t work.  So the closest thing to that is elegance and that can happen anywhere.  We just need to see the beauty that is already there and add to it.  Also, cover up the ugliness.  So copper, green, black and ivory it is.  I was kinda thinking of doing something fall colored, but I love this combo so here it is.  There might be some dark purple colors in the bouquets, but those are a work in progress.  I love how most of this has natural elements coming indoors.  We originally wanted an outdoor wedding, but a wedding under a tent is close enough.  There are just too many things that could go wrong in the good ‘ol Wisconsin weather system.  Besides, I think a tent under the stars will be beautiful!  Now we need to ge rent the tent… Onward!