Today being the 4th of July…Happy Birthday America!…and to be is the official start of summer.   I am not a summer fan.  I like being able to play in the water and love bonfires and summer nights, but me and the sun DO NOT get along.  I burn so quickly, even with sunscreen on, that going outside is usually an ordeal of extra cover ups,a hat and a couple of gallons of sunscreen.  When people ask why I love winter and fall my answer is “Because you can always put more clothes on, but there is only so much you can take off.”  There’s a good reason why I have chosen to live in Wisconsin.  But back to the subject.  With summer also comes grilling out!

This weekend alone we made at least 4 meals on the grill.  I love the smell of the BBQ and smoke drifting through the air.  I cannot wait until the wedding.  We agreed that the biggest expense will be great food.  That is always up for debate among different groups of people, but we were more concerned about the food we grew up with.  The rib sticking, belly filling, alcohol absorbing (okay, maybe not that reason) but what we both grew up with on the farm.  And there will be plenty of it.  Just looking at this makes my mouth water!

 Championship Pork Butt

There are going to be a few twists and surprises, but for now, here’s some hints!


Waddya ya think!