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July 2011

A handle on things

I was browsing through even more wedding images (it’s a favorite pastime of mine now.) and I think I have found what I want out wedding to feel like.  Here is rustic elegance!


I LOVE  how this feels.  It’s exactly what I wanted, and most of these part have already come into play (hello shoes).  I wanted to go for an almost black tie feeling, but we are so laid back, I knew that wouldn’t work.  So the closest thing to that is elegance and that can happen anywhere.  We just need to see the beauty that is already there and add to it.  Also, cover up the ugliness.  So copper, green, black and ivory it is.  I was kinda thinking of doing something fall colored, but I love this combo so here it is.  There might be some dark purple colors in the bouquets, but those are a work in progress.  I love how most of this has natural elements coming indoors.  We originally wanted an outdoor wedding, but a wedding under a tent is close enough.  There are just too many things that could go wrong in the good ‘ol Wisconsin weather system.  Besides, I think a tent under the stars will be beautiful!  Now we need to ge rent the tent… Onward!


So much time, so little to do

Nope, scratch that… aaand REVERSE!  I have been so busy with family and summer and planning, that it’s just flying by and I haven’t had time up do any updates.  I have a lot, so stay tuned.  Coming up in the near future:

Flowers (real or fake-the decision)

DOC (any my prying or Mr. Kuz)

Project Picture (in which I need help)

Project Calligraphy (and what I need to learn)

Project Dress (which I am dreading)

Project Decoration (where I can’t make up my mind)

Project Other Wedding (in which I haven’t made up my mind yet about that one)

Rentals (way too many decisions there-might put that one off until fall)

Oh My!  I did finish Project Organize and now all my wedding crap is on one room.  That’s as far as it get.  It may be in one big pile in the room, but one step at a time.  I did do a good step this morning and contacted all of my wonderful ladies, gave them each others contacts, and enough info to get their dress search started.  Hey, deals are always out there, better take advantage when you can!  Other than that, not much has happened.  We’ve had a lot of stuff happening on both sides of the family, and it’s been rough. 

The good news is Mr. Kuz is back!  His division transfer went through, so no more working 10 hours away.  The last few days has been 20 minutes away.  It’s wonderful to have him home every night.  And I finally got my dishwasher installed 3 months after we bought it!  I was so excited.  And I’m a sucker for new appliances/gadgets.

Some things have been going smooth.  I did make my deposit on the church and thankfully they held my date.  Yay!  My current goal is getting free/cheap decorating pieces.  I know what I want to do for part of the decorating.  I have tricks up my sleeve for this one.  And a few more. 


The wonderful word of Grilling!

Today being the 4th of July…Happy Birthday America!…and to be is the official start of summer.   I am not a summer fan.  I like being able to play in the water and love bonfires and summer nights, but me and the sun DO NOT get along.  I burn so quickly, even with sunscreen on, that going outside is usually an ordeal of extra cover ups,a hat and a couple of gallons of sunscreen.  When people ask why I love winter and fall my answer is “Because you can always put more clothes on, but there is only so much you can take off.”  There’s a good reason why I have chosen to live in Wisconsin.  But back to the subject.  With summer also comes grilling out!

This weekend alone we made at least 4 meals on the grill.  I love the smell of the BBQ and smoke drifting through the air.  I cannot wait until the wedding.  We agreed that the biggest expense will be great food.  That is always up for debate among different groups of people, but we were more concerned about the food we grew up with.  The rib sticking, belly filling, alcohol absorbing (okay, maybe not that reason) but what we both grew up with on the farm.  And there will be plenty of it.  Just looking at this makes my mouth water!

 Championship Pork Butt

There are going to be a few twists and surprises, but for now, here’s some hints!


Waddya ya think!

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