So I just realized that I have not made the deposit on the church!  I talked to the pastor and received the packet of information, but I had neglected to get the deposit in.  I have no idea why I didn’t do this! I have stopped a couple of times to drop it off, but nobody was around.  I know I can mail it in, but I feel better talking to someone.   I do love the church!  It’s not the little white church I grew up in and had pictured myself getting married in a thousand times, but the old brick and the beautiful landscaping more than makes up for it. 

                                                                                                    Our Church

The inside is just beautiful with a lot of glass and the huge altar.  The only thing that concerns me is they are in the middle of a remodel.  I don’t know what their timeline is on that, or if it would affect us.  It may be for the best!  We have 440 people on our guest list.  I know they won’t all show, but I would feel better if there were more seats!  Right now it can comfortably hold 245.  Now that reminds me I might have to tweak the invitations to ask who will be attending the ceremony.  And while all this was running through my head, I realized we are at the 15 month mark.  This is when most people start to plan, so I do have a leg up there, but it kinda shocked me that time has flown by.  And summer always goes a lot faster, so I think it’s time I get started on all the DIY projects I have envisioned.  And that means I better clean up the guest room for all those projects…and see where this is going?

The entire church and its people and so wonderful.  Their choir is amazing and I have wondered about having them at our ceremony, They even have a bell choir!  The pastor is one of the few in my lifetime whose sermons I actually look forward to and still remember months later.  I can’t wait for our ceremony, which I want to be unique and include so much of our personalities.  I love going to other weddings where it feels like the officiant seems to have known the couple since birth.  It really makes for a wonderful ceremony full of laughs and memories.  So I had better get my butt in there and put down that deposit!!!