When I first started wedding planning, I saw our location (our geographic location, not wedding location)  as a kind of win-loose situation.  I love all things Wisconsin and wanted to keep it that way as much as possible.  I love cheese (maybe too much sometimes), beer, the Northwoods, the great lakes and so much more.  But, since we live so close to a major metropolitan area it would only make sense to use those resources because of the wide array of options.  The only problem is that city, or Twin Cities, is in another state. 

I have never been a big fan of cities.  I will go there now and again for certain things, but I prefer to deal locally.  Something about the small town vendors knowing your name as your walk in the door and recognize you is something from my rural upbringing that I have never lost.  I have also found that I can usually get much better deals. 

I did go into planning thinking I would have to use resources from the cities, but as I started planning and then signing contracts, I found that almost all of my vendors are local, even without me planning it this way (maybe I did it subconsciously?) 

Now when I say locally, I don’t mean the next town over.  I mean within 10 miles. 

  • Our ceremony and reception are only 3 miles apart. 
  • The ceremony is Mr. Kuz’s church.  His family has been going there for a long time.
  • The reception is the family farm, which has been in the family for over 100 years.
  • Our caterer is only a few miles away and we have been going to her restaurant for years. 
  • The DJ lives in the area and we have seen him regularly when we go out.
  • I just discovered our florist the other day when I went to the farmers market.  His stuff caught my eye from across the parking lot.  While talking with him, I learned his home business is about 5 miles from our house and I drive past it everyday.
  • Not really local, but in a way, our photographer went to high school with me.  She still lives in the area where I grew up and where my parents live.
  • The day-of-coordinator went to high school with Mr. Kuz and still has ties to the area. 
  • Our rental company has been doing business with the family for years.  He does all the rentals for the various events held at the farm. 

It may be because of the small town, but I fell better knowing our vendors personally and not just be a name on a list.  I feel we will get better service this way, plus I get to meet new people and make friends…still working on that even after living here for 5 years!  I love that it turned out this way!!