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May 2011

I’m gonna put on….

my my my my my boogie shoes!

I am usually not a shoe type of girl.  I love going barefoot, and usually do most of the summer.  If I have to wear shoes, I wear barely-there flip flops, so that when I can, I can kick them off right away.  I play beach volleyball on Mondays and nothing feels better than running around in the sand.  Plus it’s a natural exfoliant.  To quote a movie “If you have a steady hand with a nail polish and can run your toes through the sand, the is never any need for a pedicure.” ( Can you name the movie?)

Anyways, I knew right away that I wanted colorful shoes.  I thought maybe for about 3 seconds about wearing white shoes, then said no way.  Remember, I love color!  Most brides find their dress first and then the shoes…well, not me.  I found the shoes first.  I really had no intention of really shopping around for shoes, but when reading a post on about these shoes…

…I decided to start looking.

I love the idea of jewels on the heels!  But my 2 criteria for shoes was, must be comfortable, and no spiked heel.  We are going to be walking on a lot of grass, and I do not want to be constantly sinking into the ground.  But I loved the idea that it had extra padding where the ball of your foot sat.  I went and looked at my current (small)  supply of heels.  Now I know the difference in $15 heels compared to $80 heels.  That might be why I always end up kicking them off after an hour and still coming home with blisters.  Also,these do not come in copper.  But it got my mind gears turning.

So I did a google shopping search for women’s copper heel shoes.  yeeeah….nope.  Nothing was decent and most of them looked like the gold lame from the 1980’s…a bad fashion era.  No stylish copper shoes.  I was starting to think that I was going to have to just go with my other color, green, but none came in the right shade.  There was always the dying option, but I wasn’t to that point yet. 

So, clued in by another weddingbee post, I tried  I loved the idea of free shipping both ways, plus the 365 day return window.  After 5 minutes, I found these beauties!  I give you my wedding shoes…

squeeeeel!  I actually did a little dance when I saw them sitting on my front step when I got home from work Friday.    These have all the parts I love.  Reviews say they are comfortable, they have a bit of a thicker heel, plus they are in no way plain.  I showed them to Mr. Kuz and the first thing he said “There’s no place like home”…so funny.  But they are that sparkly.  If I do find a plainer dress, this will make up for it!

So I found my shoes before I found the dress…I don’t care because I love the shoes so much.  Anyone make a decision on the wedding day wardrobe before the dress?


Pop Pop Pop

out comes the colors!!!

I think I have finally narrowed down the colors for our wedding.  How do I know?  I have started making wedding purchases (such as fabrics and craft stuff) in those colors.  And the colors are…DUM DUM DUM

Copper, Sage Green, and Black

Our wedding is going to be late September, so we are hoping the fall colors will be at their peak here in WI.  I really didn’t want anything to clash with that, since our reception is kind of outdoors.  I love copper because I am an antique freak and since green is going to be the one color that will be fading, I thought this would work out pretty well.  Also, I love fall.  It has always been my favorite time of year.  For one thing, I don’t like heat/humidity.  That is why I stayed in WI.  Damn near half the year is cold or snowy.  I have had many opportunities to move out of the state, but never wanted to. Another great thing about fall is it’s football season! GO PACKERS  It’s also my birthday season, and when we went back to school (I liked school), and falling leaves are beautiful, and the list goes on.  Oh, and the COLORS!!

I did throw black in there because I want to dress this up a bit.  Since we are having the reception outdoors on a farm, I thought this would be a bit more formal; i.e. “black tie”.  We will not be having a black tie wedding ( I think Mr. Kuz would kill me), but this would make it a bit more elegant. 

Anywho, I knew from looking at a lot of things before we got engaged (hey, we were together for 4+ years and living together for most of that time.  It was bound to happen sometime.) that I didn’t want some stuffy, all one color, white on white boring wedding.  I wanted pops of color!  My first inspiration of this was colored crinoline under my dress…SEE!!!

Loving colored crinoline!!! :  wedding Dyed Crinoline Wedding Slip1 dyed-crinoline-wedding-slip1

I love this idea, even if I won’t have much crinoline, since I am not a poofy kind of person.  But color will happen. 

Also, I do not want a white bouquet.  Have you ever seen sites that have pictures of wedding dresses, but they do it on a white background.  Who are these idiots?  You must have contrast to be able to appreciate things and um , you know, see them! 

Also, I have been slowly starting the search for comfortable copper shoes.  I don’t care what kind of heel it has, as long as they don’t give me blisters.  But so far I’m at a loss.  I might just have to try to dye the crinoline copper and have green shoes.  Any ideas?  I don’t know if I should go with same color crinoline and shoes or contrasting? 

I hope my girls are open to this idea too!  I told them to find a black dress.  I wanted to have colored sashes and hopefully some colorful shoes!  So here’s to the color shopping!!

And now for something you’ll really like…

Oh, how I miss the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.  Those, along with Tom & Jerry are the best.  I can still find Tom & Jerry on the cartoon network during my lunch sometimes.  But on to the reason for kids cartoons…

We have come across a LOT of opinions on whether or not to have children at our wedding.  For us, it was a no-brainer.  Of course we will have children there.  We will have children in the ceremony too. I love that they are always the first ones out on the dance floor ready to boogie!  That moment when they are walking down the aisle and doing something amazingly cute/funny is what I count on!  I hope they make me laugh, that way I won’t be crying.  (I don’t think the old trick of picturing everybody in their underwear will go so well with this gathering.  LOL!)  People will look at them more than me (hopefully; I hate people staring at me.  It always gives me goosebumps and makes me paranoid.)

We also realize kids are a handful, especially if you pump a pound of sugar into them via wedding cake.  So we are going to have activities for the kids…and then when the kids are done with them, the adults can also have a good time because:

a) The kids are tired and went to bed, so the parents can party

b)We will have someone to supervise kids activities

c)Adults will have a chance to act like kids again.  I know I never turn down an opportunity

I am hoping to have a kids table with projects to do and coloring books.  We will also have a bounce house to keep them busy for hours.  There will be some local teens who we can hire to baby-sit.Thoose are my basic plans, but if someone has anymore ideas, please let me know!

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