…that are never-ending.  We have booth a blessing and a curse with our reception venue.  It’s going to be at the family farm, so the nice thing is that the possibilities are endless.  The bad thing is there are too many options and possibilities.  We can do (almost) whatever we want, but at some point we are going to have to decide what we can do and what we are going to have time to do with out forcing all our friends in slave labor. 

Heres a bad pic of the venue....I'll find a better one soon

 There are a lot of things that are going to be easy.   The good thing is, there are at least 2 events are held here every year than has hundreds of people roaming the grounds.  So the basic flow of people, parking, lighting, and bar/kitchen set up is already there.  Unfortunately, this place has never hosted a wedding before.  Things are usually “go with the flow” and nobody seems to mind.  The other 2 events taking place are old farm machinery demonstrations and truck and tractor pulls.   Nobody minds if random pieces of machinery are lying around or if the occasional cow pie is found.

I love the grounds…I really do.  This is part of what inspired us to have an antique themed wedding.  And I love the idea of a place that has a personal history  But I look around and the nit-picky, neurotic, control freak in me(does Mr. Kuz know what he is getting into here?) realizes there is so much I want to do as far as painting, hanging lights and signs, landscaping, and general cleaning.    I really want this to be a coordinated but fun, casual but beautiful, rustic and elegant…but how do you achieve so many opposites?   LIKE THIS~!!!  I love this and have various visions of it!AND THIS TOO!!!

I figured I myself am a whole mix of opposites, so why shouldn’t our wedding show some of that.  I get more excited every day!