…about my abilities or lack thereof.  I couldn’t sleep this morning, so I got up and instantly had ambition for once.  I am not sure what led to this, but I must remember to repeat it.  I am not generally a morning person.  Plus I worked a 19 hour day yesterday. ( nap might be in order later.)

I had one more step to do to complete my project, and that was to sew the pieces together.  ( I know it’s not nice to keep talking about this project without revealing what it is, but I should be able to fix that this weekend.  I don’t want people to see their gift before I give it to them.)  Sew I dug out my brand new sewing machine that I received as a gift from Mr. Kuz 3 Christmases ago.  I had asked for this gift because of 3 reasons.  1)  I don’t like to waste stuff.  2) I am creative and slightly picky.  If there is something I like but can’t afford or if there is something that I want, but don’t see anywhere, I will make it.  Not such much clothes, but curtains and the like  3) I like projects and treasure homemade things. 

I had and still have plenty of sewing project to do, such as fixing pants.  But it turns out I am a chicken-shit.  I grew up using my mom’s antique sewing machine, that unless you had the magic touch, sewing did not happen and the machine basically blew up.  So I got out this brand new machine and try it out.  I thought I was already threaded (which was the part I was dreading most.)  It was not.  I tried to thread the machine from memory of using my mom’s, but something wasn’t right.  So I spent time digging out the directions, which miraculously were in the sewing desk.  (after we moved last fall, It’s a miracle anything is where is should be yet.)  I proceeded to thread it correctly and tried to sew.  Things came back to me!  I remembered the foot and tension etc. Sewing began! I finished the first one and besides being a bit lopsided, it worked fine!  SUCCESS!!!  I am so proud of myself.  Neither do I no longer have an excuse for not fixing and patching various pairs of pants.   And now I know there is no limit to projects for the next 1 1/2 years. 

Anyone else finally just jump into something they were dreading because they didn’t quite know what they were doing?