Happy Birthday to Mr. Kuz! We were driving home last night and he said his soon to be age out loud. I think it may have hit him that time is moving more quickly than anyone realizes.  That being said, I get to move on to the next phase in wedding planning.  That is asking my bridemaids! 

This has been one thing where Mr. Kuz is ahead of me on things.  For one reason or another we originally wanted to only have 4 attendants each, just because we wanted to keep things simple.  Then we did the exploding guest list (as I like to refer to it as).  By the time we just went through it, we had over 440 people to invite.  Some of the parents list has not been added yet, either!  But I’ll leave that for another post

  Now I know a lot of them won’t come due to travel, expenses, other events, etc…, but adhering to tradition, we have to invite them.   Considering we both have big families, it looks really bad to invite one great-aunt and not the other. 

Back to asking my BM’s.  I knew who I had to ask and that I want there (such as certain family), but then I also have some really great friends at my core who I know I couldn’t spend the entire day without.  I don’t just want to see them on the dance floor for 3 or 4 songs, I want their company during that whole crazy day!  So, I have 3 confirmed and 2 yet to ask, but I wanted to make it official.  I just thought a phone call was good enough.  Then I started reading these blog things and everyone I read about is going something special for their girls.  So now I want to.  Kind of.  I’ll get to it.  (work is too damn busy right now!)  I started on these projects last weekend and I hope to have them done by Sunday, so that when I see people I can give them their gift and it can be really official!  I know (since it is a long engagement) that I will pester these girls much longer than is necessary, and I want them to know I REALLY appreciate it!  So thanks girls!  Here’s to you!  ( I would take a drink, but being at work during lunch doesn’t really let me!)