So awhile ago, when the excitement of engagement was fresh and I had a perfect vision in my mind, I started to do research on invitations (my excuse was to get an idea of price for our budget.)  As I was doing research, I found out that pretty paper is expensive.  I also found out there was waaay too many options for invitations.  I am low-budget bride who refuses to pay $5 per invite plus postage.  No siree bob. 

So when I found stuff for 40% off, I bought it!  Then it sat around my house just begging me to play with it.  So I made a half-assed mock-up, that had a lot of stuff missing and a lot of errors.  Then I went on a shopping trip to Michael’s for another project I am working on (more on that later)  I have never been in there before and it’s a good thing it’s an hour drive for me.  I spent entirely too much.  But going in there got the creative bug gnawing at me again.  So I HAD to pick up a few things I saw for the invitations.  And when I got home I HAD to try out the new stamps, sticks, twine, etc.  The best part is, I showed them to Mr. Kuz, and he liked it!  Way to go for him having some input into something he cared nothing about!  He won’t admit it, but I think he is getting excited too, even if the wedding is still 530 days away (so the knot tells me).  He also doesn’t get that glazed eye look so much anymore when I say “wedding stuff”.

 So, now since I do have all this extra time, I figured I am going to do a lot of projects myself.  As long as I don’t go to Michael’s that often, no more projects will magically appear in my shopping basket.  But the trip there also got me thinking on doing fake flowers.  I told you I am cheap…  But what I am looking for are branches.  Here is a pic i LOVE. 

I LOVE this. It even has my colors and I also love that lantern

I would love to do these at every table, but we might have up to 40 tables, so who knows.  I am trying to think realistically. 

Has anybody done fake flowers and regretted it?