On to that night!

After hunting, we went to the local watering hole to show off the pheasants and have a few beers and play darts.  I continued to have fun despite I only knew 1 person.  I went back to my dorm to change and take a little nap.  I was supposed to meet the group at a place downtown.  I slept a little late (remember I was working on only 4 hours of sleep from the night before) and got to the bar at 1 a.m..  Everybody was feeling good and having a great time dancing to the band and telling jokes.  I sat down with a beer and watched the fun.  Being the sober one in a group is free entertainment!  Soon though, it was closing time (love that song!) and someone (no clue who)  thought it was a good idea to get breakfast.  There is a little diner a block from the bar the reopens at 2 a.m. so people can come in to eat after bar close.  This was a typical Saturday night, and it was packed.  We squeezed the 6 of us in a little booth, and somehow I ended up sitting next to Mr. Kuz!  Even though he wouldn’t talk to me, I still thought he was cute!  Nothing too spectacular was happening, but then he grabbed the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.  We were the only two drinking coffee, so he poured me a cup…and kept pouring right over the brim, onto the table and then onto my lap. At least he said 3 words! “Want some coffee?” 

Official word count-3 

We left the diner and everyone proceeded to (quickly) go in different directions.  When I think about this later, it occurred to me that they might have had something up their sleeves, but I was told to meet my old friends the next day at the bar to watch the Packer game.  Mr. Kuz and I ended up walking together to my car and I asked if he needed a ride somewhere.  ” I could use a ride home.”

Official word count-9

I had to stop and get gas first and I was surprised that he got out of the car with me.  He didn’t say anything though.  I dropped him off at his house and he just got out, hit the top of my car twice to say thanks (does that count as talking?) and went inside.  I went to get some much-needed sleep. 

Well I guess I needed a lot of sleep.  Remember, we probably left the diner about 4 a.m.  My phone rang at noon.  Sleep was still a good thing at this point, but I still answered it.  It was my friend asking why I was not there to watch the Packer game.  Fine, I will drag my butt out of this bed, throw some comfy clothes on, maybe a little bit of make-up and be down there by halftime.  Meanwhile I was still wondering why the hell they needed me down there so bad.  Well, someone must have been watching us drive away last night together, so when I walked into the bar, Mr. Kuz was behind it working on the sink.  One of the friends from the night before shouted “LOOK! he’s already down on one knee!”  I was mortified.  Ugh, rumors have started…

Official word count-still 9

We watched the game and then played a few games of LCR (if you don’t know what this is, Google it and buy a game for cheap.  It is one of THE best times you will have)  As we played, Mr. Kuz kept edging closer to me.  (This took at least an hour to move about 3 feet.)  I was very confused.  I had spent most of the day clearing up the fact that we DID NOT spend the night together. (with no help from him thankyouverymuch!)  But I just went with it.  Another hour later, and he said “Can I give you my number?”  I thought sure, but you have to talk to use a phone…

Official word count-15 (in 2 days)

After the ice was broke (must have been really thick ice)  we talked for the rest of the night.  Turns out he was just EXTREMELY shy.  As I found out later, he was talking about me to some of his friends.  He was also looking out for me.  When a few of his single friends that we had run into the night before said they were going to try to get me to go home with them, he wouldn’t let them.  awww!

So we did end the night with a kiss. And the rest is history!  We either saw each other or talked (yes talked!) everyday.  He is the sweetest man I ever met who keeps me laughing and thinking.  About 2 weeks later I was staying at his place every night (but never “slept” with him.  It was nice to just wake up next to someone.) and a month after that I had basically moved in.  I never regretted it and never looked back!  4 years and 1 month later, he proposed to me in our own home while we were celebrating Christmas! 

Now that you are caught up, we get to start planning a wedding! YAY I love to plan.