This is how Mr. Kuz and I met-a true love story (ha!)  It wasn’t in a bar, but pretty close.

I had moved across the state to attend my last 2 years of college.  A few months into my junior year, I went out one night (by myself -I have no idea why, but I do weird things like that sometimes), and ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen since last year. We talked and proceed to drink large quantities of beer.   Somewhere in that beer fun, I asked what they (him and his buddy who had shown up) were doing the next day.  They said pheasant hunting at another friends farm. Now, I like to hunt.  I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but I was also feeling a little homesick for my own farm and all the bells and whistles that came with it.  In my inebriated state I asked to come with. I am not sure what they thought, but they said “what the hell-why not!  We closed down the bars and they said they would pick me up at 8 (that’s in 5 short hours).  8 a.m. came along and NO ONE!  Several calls and two hours later, we were on our way.  Pit stop on the 5 minute drive included a beer stop and a shell stop.  We got to the farm and I was happy again.  I had cattle and tractors and a 4-wheeler and dogs and a long list of things that I missed seeing while being stuck in a 10×20 hole they call a dorm room.  We walked into the house (which reminded me of one of the ranches in a John Wayne movie)  and then I just had to force myself from staring at this insanely hot, cute and just all over drool-worthy man.  Yup, I was sucker punched. 

We may have run into each other at a couple parties, but never talked.  “Why” you ask.  HE DID NOT TALK!  About an hour into our day, I tried to talk to him.  Now, I have kind of low self-esteem.  I was picked on a lot in high school and my dad and uncles were not much nicer.  I was never the “pretty one”  or even the cute one or funny one.  I was the person who guys came to see if my cousins had boyfriends, or the one who people took along because I (supposedly), never got in trouble.  (That’s not true. I just never got caught).      We lived in a small community and I had 6 cousins in the same school as me, and all were within 5 grades of me.  I was also the one who guys got dared to ask out and then they would make fun of me for believing them…yeah high school was a blast.

Anyway, back to the story.  I introduced myself and he SAID NOTHING.  I tried to make a joke…NADA.  I just gave in to my old notion that this was another good-looking guy who was kind of full of himself and wouldn’t talk to me.  Oh well.  I gave up completely.  I didn’t need more reasons for my self-esteem to go lower.  I was still having fun with my other friend and I got to drive the 4-wheeler.  BONUS!  We waited all day for other people to show up (it must have been a rough night all around) and then went hunting…where I proceeded to made the biggest ass out of myself.  See, my dad has a license to train dogs with pheasants.  When we go hunting on our property at home, we are allowed to shoot hens.  I was feeling so at home, I forgot not to shoot at the hens.  Somebody yelled HEN!  I shot…confused looks and then huge laughs followed.  Oh well, I said. No harm done. I had missed anyway.  I also didn’t do anymore shooting for the rest of the day. 

Part 2-the night and the next day coming soon!