Hi everyone~

Whe I first heard the word “blog” I was like…yeah, never gonna read em, don’t realy wanna know what they are, who else wants to know about me…

And then I began reading a few just to get ideas, and man let me tell you…it’s a great place for people to share ideas, vent, get to know each other, and basically have a listening board.  I may now be slightly addicted.  And then I thought, what better subject to blog about than a wedding!

I mean, c’mon.  Personally, I hated weddings, except for the free food/drinks.  I do not like to get dressed up, and I do not enjoy sitting though loooong Catholic ceremonies (most of my relation and a lot of the people from where I grew up are Catholic-Irish…but more on that later).  Weddings were kind of blah.  But as I got older, I had more and more weddings to go to.   And now that I’m engaged, I know I must atttend these for the sake of many friendships. (also if I want people to show up for my own wedding)

So this is my official wedding blog.  Here you will learn about me, my quirky and somewhat crazy ways, my path to becoming a bride and a wife, my future husband and in-laws, and anything else I learn along the way!  I hope it will be fun!!!

Next up…my ( very much summarized) path to meeting Mr. Kuz