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An Antique, Down-Home Wedding – Our Way


April 2011

Oh the possibilities…

…that are never-ending.  We have booth a blessing and a curse with our reception venue.  It’s going to be at the family farm, so the nice thing is that the possibilities are endless.  The bad thing is there are too many options and possibilities.  We can do (almost) whatever we want, but at some point we are going to have to decide what we can do and what we are going to have time to do with out forcing all our friends in slave labor. 

Heres a bad pic of the venue....I'll find a better one soon

 There are a lot of things that are going to be easy.   The good thing is, there are at least 2 events are held here every year than has hundreds of people roaming the grounds.  So the basic flow of people, parking, lighting, and bar/kitchen set up is already there.  Unfortunately, this place has never hosted a wedding before.  Things are usually “go with the flow” and nobody seems to mind.  The other 2 events taking place are old farm machinery demonstrations and truck and tractor pulls.   Nobody minds if random pieces of machinery are lying around or if the occasional cow pie is found.

I love the grounds…I really do.  This is part of what inspired us to have an antique themed wedding.  And I love the idea of a place that has a personal history  But I look around and the nit-picky, neurotic, control freak in me(does Mr. Kuz know what he is getting into here?) realizes there is so much I want to do as far as painting, hanging lights and signs, landscaping, and general cleaning.    I really want this to be a coordinated but fun, casual but beautiful, rustic and elegant…but how do you achieve so many opposites?   LIKE THIS~!!!  I love this and have various visions of it!AND THIS TOO!!!

I figured I myself am a whole mix of opposites, so why shouldn’t our wedding show some of that.  I get more excited every day!


My addiction to bridal porn

I was perusing some wedding sites awhile back and I stumbled onto  I haven’t laughed out loud like that in a long time.  The whole site takes on the grooms perspective and what he needs to do (or shouldn’t do).  It also has some helpful area…such as the booze bible to let us know how much we need to buy.  And then we will double it because, face it…we live in rural Wisconsin and we love us some good drinks. 

While goofing off  researching, the site kept referring to bridal porn.  Now I thought this was something in guy code that I have never heard of.  After more research, it turned out bridal porn is the multitudes of magazines, tv shows, websites, and books that tell you to spend tens of thousands on this one day and if you really love that $5000 wedding dress it is worth going into debt for.  Now at this point I had looked at much bridal porn (I’ll admit it…isn’t that the first step?) and I did see a bad trend there.  To quote 27 Dresses “This is the crap the billion dollar wedding industry says you must have to make up a life.”

Now that I know what to avoid (the knot!-just rediculous.  They have no leeway in their “rules of weddings”), I am more happily planning our wedding.  It is our wedding and we will do what we damn well please.  If we want the bouncy house for the kids, we will get it.  If people want to camp on site, we will let them.  If we don’t want a head table, we will not have one. (I don’t like people watching me eat while they don’t have food yet.)  I know the parents, especially my mom, will not be so happy with these decisions, as she was with about every decision I have made so far, except for the church. 

I have found that certain magazines, like getmarried, has great ideas and inspiration.  Blogs have been my shinning light, hence the reason I started one.  I think that is great advice from real people with real problems.  I have bought a few others, just because they have pretty dresses on the front.  But in reality, I still buy way too many.  I mean, what am I going to do with 30 magazine after this is all done?  Keep looking at them…I don’t think so.  And that is when I had an epiphany…I can apply this reasoning to any wedding thing.  What will we ever do with…special cake cutting utensils, an aisle runner, a signature book, special jewelry that I will never wear again, junk that says bride on it, etc.  I could go on with stuff that will just collect dust.  I hopefully will remember this rule when I see stuff I NEED to have.  Will it really matter years down the road or be a signature part of the big day…no?…ok then, bye bye. 

Anyone have any good rules to pass on?

Still learning…

…about my abilities or lack thereof.  I couldn’t sleep this morning, so I got up and instantly had ambition for once.  I am not sure what led to this, but I must remember to repeat it.  I am not generally a morning person.  Plus I worked a 19 hour day yesterday. ( nap might be in order later.)

I had one more step to do to complete my project, and that was to sew the pieces together.  ( I know it’s not nice to keep talking about this project without revealing what it is, but I should be able to fix that this weekend.  I don’t want people to see their gift before I give it to them.)  Sew I dug out my brand new sewing machine that I received as a gift from Mr. Kuz 3 Christmases ago.  I had asked for this gift because of 3 reasons.  1)  I don’t like to waste stuff.  2) I am creative and slightly picky.  If there is something I like but can’t afford or if there is something that I want, but don’t see anywhere, I will make it.  Not such much clothes, but curtains and the like  3) I like projects and treasure homemade things. 

I had and still have plenty of sewing project to do, such as fixing pants.  But it turns out I am a chicken-shit.  I grew up using my mom’s antique sewing machine, that unless you had the magic touch, sewing did not happen and the machine basically blew up.  So I got out this brand new machine and try it out.  I thought I was already threaded (which was the part I was dreading most.)  It was not.  I tried to thread the machine from memory of using my mom’s, but something wasn’t right.  So I spent time digging out the directions, which miraculously were in the sewing desk.  (after we moved last fall, It’s a miracle anything is where is should be yet.)  I proceeded to thread it correctly and tried to sew.  Things came back to me!  I remembered the foot and tension etc. Sewing began! I finished the first one and besides being a bit lopsided, it worked fine!  SUCCESS!!!  I am so proud of myself.  Neither do I no longer have an excuse for not fixing and patching various pairs of pants.   And now I know there is no limit to projects for the next 1 1/2 years. 

Anyone else finally just jump into something they were dreading because they didn’t quite know what they were doing?

It’s a B-day! On to the next Step!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Kuz! We were driving home last night and he said his soon to be age out loud. I think it may have hit him that time is moving more quickly than anyone realizes.  That being said, I get to move on to the next phase in wedding planning.  That is asking my bridemaids! 

This has been one thing where Mr. Kuz is ahead of me on things.  For one reason or another we originally wanted to only have 4 attendants each, just because we wanted to keep things simple.  Then we did the exploding guest list (as I like to refer to it as).  By the time we just went through it, we had over 440 people to invite.  Some of the parents list has not been added yet, either!  But I’ll leave that for another post

  Now I know a lot of them won’t come due to travel, expenses, other events, etc…, but adhering to tradition, we have to invite them.   Considering we both have big families, it looks really bad to invite one great-aunt and not the other. 

Back to asking my BM’s.  I knew who I had to ask and that I want there (such as certain family), but then I also have some really great friends at my core who I know I couldn’t spend the entire day without.  I don’t just want to see them on the dance floor for 3 or 4 songs, I want their company during that whole crazy day!  So, I have 3 confirmed and 2 yet to ask, but I wanted to make it official.  I just thought a phone call was good enough.  Then I started reading these blog things and everyone I read about is going something special for their girls.  So now I want to.  Kind of.  I’ll get to it.  (work is too damn busy right now!)  I started on these projects last weekend and I hope to have them done by Sunday, so that when I see people I can give them their gift and it can be really official!  I know (since it is a long engagement) that I will pester these girls much longer than is necessary, and I want them to know I REALLY appreciate it!  So thanks girls!  Here’s to you!  ( I would take a drink, but being at work during lunch doesn’t really let me!)

jumping the gun…just a bit

So awhile ago, when the excitement of engagement was fresh and I had a perfect vision in my mind, I started to do research on invitations (my excuse was to get an idea of price for our budget.)  As I was doing research, I found out that pretty paper is expensive.  I also found out there was waaay too many options for invitations.  I am low-budget bride who refuses to pay $5 per invite plus postage.  No siree bob. 

So when I found stuff for 40% off, I bought it!  Then it sat around my house just begging me to play with it.  So I made a half-assed mock-up, that had a lot of stuff missing and a lot of errors.  Then I went on a shopping trip to Michael’s for another project I am working on (more on that later)  I have never been in there before and it’s a good thing it’s an hour drive for me.  I spent entirely too much.  But going in there got the creative bug gnawing at me again.  So I HAD to pick up a few things I saw for the invitations.  And when I got home I HAD to try out the new stamps, sticks, twine, etc.  The best part is, I showed them to Mr. Kuz, and he liked it!  Way to go for him having some input into something he cared nothing about!  He won’t admit it, but I think he is getting excited too, even if the wedding is still 530 days away (so the knot tells me).  He also doesn’t get that glazed eye look so much anymore when I say “wedding stuff”.

 So, now since I do have all this extra time, I figured I am going to do a lot of projects myself.  As long as I don’t go to Michael’s that often, no more projects will magically appear in my shopping basket.  But the trip there also got me thinking on doing fake flowers.  I told you I am cheap…  But what I am looking for are branches.  Here is a pic i LOVE. 

I LOVE this. It even has my colors and I also love that lantern

I would love to do these at every table, but we might have up to 40 tables, so who knows.  I am trying to think realistically. 

Has anybody done fake flowers and regretted it?

Now onto this wedding thing

Wedding…one word has never put so much and excitement and dread into my mind at once. 

Don’t get me wrong. I do not dread the man I am marrying in any way.  I love him deeply through all things.  I have learned that even times when he pisses me off, I can look back and either find something funny or learn from that experience.  We have been together for 4 1/2 years, and have lived together for 4 years.  We have owned a house together for the past year..and the sparks still fly.  Literally…( Dealing with the still dry weather in WI equals static shock.  He gave me a kiss goodbye this morning, and instead I got a small shock on my lip this I felt for a good hour.  I was also a good laugh.)

I am a virgo, so that means I am a bit of a perfectionist.  In my baby book, my mom had written my favorite phrase when I was a baby…”I can do it myself”.  Still one my favorite phrases.  I am also a very frugal person.  I love shopping for deals.  I never buy anything without checking around for prices.  So with that in mind, It seems like I am going to have a perfect wedding that I did by myself….yeeaah riiight.  So this will definitely be a learing experience.  I am already telling myself, It’s just a party-as long as we are married at the end of the day, it’s all good – it’s Mr. Kuz’s wedding too -nothing is ever perfect and on and on and on.   I can be laid back too!  So I will keep repeating this to myself for the next 18 months…

The Short and Sweet-Part 2

On to that night!

After hunting, we went to the local watering hole to show off the pheasants and have a few beers and play darts.  I continued to have fun despite I only knew 1 person.  I went back to my dorm to change and take a little nap.  I was supposed to meet the group at a place downtown.  I slept a little late (remember I was working on only 4 hours of sleep from the night before) and got to the bar at 1 a.m..  Everybody was feeling good and having a great time dancing to the band and telling jokes.  I sat down with a beer and watched the fun.  Being the sober one in a group is free entertainment!  Soon though, it was closing time (love that song!) and someone (no clue who)  thought it was a good idea to get breakfast.  There is a little diner a block from the bar the reopens at 2 a.m. so people can come in to eat after bar close.  This was a typical Saturday night, and it was packed.  We squeezed the 6 of us in a little booth, and somehow I ended up sitting next to Mr. Kuz!  Even though he wouldn’t talk to me, I still thought he was cute!  Nothing too spectacular was happening, but then he grabbed the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.  We were the only two drinking coffee, so he poured me a cup…and kept pouring right over the brim, onto the table and then onto my lap. At least he said 3 words! “Want some coffee?” 

Official word count-3 

We left the diner and everyone proceeded to (quickly) go in different directions.  When I think about this later, it occurred to me that they might have had something up their sleeves, but I was told to meet my old friends the next day at the bar to watch the Packer game.  Mr. Kuz and I ended up walking together to my car and I asked if he needed a ride somewhere.  ” I could use a ride home.”

Official word count-9

I had to stop and get gas first and I was surprised that he got out of the car with me.  He didn’t say anything though.  I dropped him off at his house and he just got out, hit the top of my car twice to say thanks (does that count as talking?) and went inside.  I went to get some much-needed sleep. 

Well I guess I needed a lot of sleep.  Remember, we probably left the diner about 4 a.m.  My phone rang at noon.  Sleep was still a good thing at this point, but I still answered it.  It was my friend asking why I was not there to watch the Packer game.  Fine, I will drag my butt out of this bed, throw some comfy clothes on, maybe a little bit of make-up and be down there by halftime.  Meanwhile I was still wondering why the hell they needed me down there so bad.  Well, someone must have been watching us drive away last night together, so when I walked into the bar, Mr. Kuz was behind it working on the sink.  One of the friends from the night before shouted “LOOK! he’s already down on one knee!”  I was mortified.  Ugh, rumors have started…

Official word count-still 9

We watched the game and then played a few games of LCR (if you don’t know what this is, Google it and buy a game for cheap.  It is one of THE best times you will have)  As we played, Mr. Kuz kept edging closer to me.  (This took at least an hour to move about 3 feet.)  I was very confused.  I had spent most of the day clearing up the fact that we DID NOT spend the night together. (with no help from him thankyouverymuch!)  But I just went with it.  Another hour later, and he said “Can I give you my number?”  I thought sure, but you have to talk to use a phone…

Official word count-15 (in 2 days)

After the ice was broke (must have been really thick ice)  we talked for the rest of the night.  Turns out he was just EXTREMELY shy.  As I found out later, he was talking about me to some of his friends.  He was also looking out for me.  When a few of his single friends that we had run into the night before said they were going to try to get me to go home with them, he wouldn’t let them.  awww!

So we did end the night with a kiss. And the rest is history!  We either saw each other or talked (yes talked!) everyday.  He is the sweetest man I ever met who keeps me laughing and thinking.  About 2 weeks later I was staying at his place every night (but never “slept” with him.  It was nice to just wake up next to someone.) and a month after that I had basically moved in.  I never regretted it and never looked back!  4 years and 1 month later, he proposed to me in our own home while we were celebrating Christmas! 

Now that you are caught up, we get to start planning a wedding! YAY I love to plan.

The short and sweet story-Part 1

This is how Mr. Kuz and I met-a true love story (ha!)  It wasn’t in a bar, but pretty close.

I had moved across the state to attend my last 2 years of college.  A few months into my junior year, I went out one night (by myself -I have no idea why, but I do weird things like that sometimes), and ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen since last year. We talked and proceed to drink large quantities of beer.   Somewhere in that beer fun, I asked what they (him and his buddy who had shown up) were doing the next day.  They said pheasant hunting at another friends farm. Now, I like to hunt.  I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but I was also feeling a little homesick for my own farm and all the bells and whistles that came with it.  In my inebriated state I asked to come with. I am not sure what they thought, but they said “what the hell-why not!  We closed down the bars and they said they would pick me up at 8 (that’s in 5 short hours).  8 a.m. came along and NO ONE!  Several calls and two hours later, we were on our way.  Pit stop on the 5 minute drive included a beer stop and a shell stop.  We got to the farm and I was happy again.  I had cattle and tractors and a 4-wheeler and dogs and a long list of things that I missed seeing while being stuck in a 10×20 hole they call a dorm room.  We walked into the house (which reminded me of one of the ranches in a John Wayne movie)  and then I just had to force myself from staring at this insanely hot, cute and just all over drool-worthy man.  Yup, I was sucker punched. 

We may have run into each other at a couple parties, but never talked.  “Why” you ask.  HE DID NOT TALK!  About an hour into our day, I tried to talk to him.  Now, I have kind of low self-esteem.  I was picked on a lot in high school and my dad and uncles were not much nicer.  I was never the “pretty one”  or even the cute one or funny one.  I was the person who guys came to see if my cousins had boyfriends, or the one who people took along because I (supposedly), never got in trouble.  (That’s not true. I just never got caught).      We lived in a small community and I had 6 cousins in the same school as me, and all were within 5 grades of me.  I was also the one who guys got dared to ask out and then they would make fun of me for believing them…yeah high school was a blast.

Anyway, back to the story.  I introduced myself and he SAID NOTHING.  I tried to make a joke…NADA.  I just gave in to my old notion that this was another good-looking guy who was kind of full of himself and wouldn’t talk to me.  Oh well.  I gave up completely.  I didn’t need more reasons for my self-esteem to go lower.  I was still having fun with my other friend and I got to drive the 4-wheeler.  BONUS!  We waited all day for other people to show up (it must have been a rough night all around) and then went hunting…where I proceeded to made the biggest ass out of myself.  See, my dad has a license to train dogs with pheasants.  When we go hunting on our property at home, we are allowed to shoot hens.  I was feeling so at home, I forgot not to shoot at the hens.  Somebody yelled HEN!  I shot…confused looks and then huge laughs followed.  Oh well, I said. No harm done. I had missed anyway.  I also didn’t do anymore shooting for the rest of the day. 

Part 2-the night and the next day coming soon!

Hello blogging world!

Hi everyone~

Whe I first heard the word “blog” I was like…yeah, never gonna read em, don’t realy wanna know what they are, who else wants to know about me…

And then I began reading a few just to get ideas, and man let me tell you…it’s a great place for people to share ideas, vent, get to know each other, and basically have a listening board.  I may now be slightly addicted.  And then I thought, what better subject to blog about than a wedding!

I mean, c’mon.  Personally, I hated weddings, except for the free food/drinks.  I do not like to get dressed up, and I do not enjoy sitting though loooong Catholic ceremonies (most of my relation and a lot of the people from where I grew up are Catholic-Irish…but more on that later).  Weddings were kind of blah.  But as I got older, I had more and more weddings to go to.   And now that I’m engaged, I know I must atttend these for the sake of many friendships. (also if I want people to show up for my own wedding)

So this is my official wedding blog.  Here you will learn about me, my quirky and somewhat crazy ways, my path to becoming a bride and a wife, my future husband and in-laws, and anything else I learn along the way!  I hope it will be fun!!!

Next up…my ( very much summarized) path to meeting Mr. Kuz

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